The West End Civic Club

Welcome to the Home of Houston's West End - Established 1894
Houston, Texas

           West End Park Reopened September 2013

             More trees,seats and lights.  Enjoy your Park on Patterson and Koehler.

West End Park Phase II - March 2013


The Notice to Proceed for West End Park was issued 3/4/13 and we expect the project to be completed mid-June 2013.


 Work include removing existing electrical service and relocating new service on site with a standard electrical enclosure, installation of a concrete border around the existing playground, new benches, a seat wall near playground, entry columns along Patterson, landscape lighting, tree planting, and irrigation.


The contractor has erected the City of Houston project sign, is currently working on submittals, and is expected to mobilize the week of 3/25/13. During construction, the contractor will enclose the area of work with construction fence to keep the public out.


West End Park is NOW OPEN!

May 26, 2011 

The West End Park has reopened and is ready for your enjoyment! The West End Civic Club put on an event to mark the Grand Re-Opening of the park on May 26, 2011. We look forward to the enjoyment of our park for years to come.

West End Park Reconstruction

September 27, 2010

West End Park is currently closed for construction!  Demolition of the existing structures took place on the 17th, and construction is scheduled to last for 90 days.

Thanks to Everyone for Taking the West End Park Survey 

10 March 2009 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey.  It was the first time the WECC has had such a survey posted online, and your participation and feedback was great! 

For the complete results of the Survey, please click here

All Comments and Results have already been reported the city, and we'll update you on the progress here, and at our WECC Meetings.  

 -Your WECC  

City of Houston Debuts New Pilot Parks Program Citizen Park Inspector (CPI) Program ... and WEST END CIVIC CLUB is Involved! 

As more information is available, we'll bring it to you.  But the Pilot Program involves the following parks.  You can reach Nicholas Urbano of the West End at  


-         Cottage Park: C.P.I. - Fernando Herrera

-         Clark Park: C.P.I. - Paula Parshall

-         Judson Robinson Sr Park & Pleasanton Manor Park: C.P.I. - Debbie Allen

-         Andover Park: C.P.I. - Delores Jenkins

-         West End Park: C.P.I. -Nicholas Urbano

-         George Nelson Park: C.P.I. - Preston Roe

-         Briarmeadow Park: C.P.I. - Mark Kirschke

-         Settegast Park: C.P.I. - Gloria Moreno

-         Walter Rasmus Park: C.P.I. - Carolyn Boozer

-         Forum Park: C.P.I. - Jason Hayes