The West End Civic Club

Welcome to the Home of Houston's West End - Established 1894
Houston, Texas

West End Civic Club By-Laws

Approved by Vote of General Membership

May 2008

ARTICLE I:  DUTIES OF OFFICERS:   It shall be the duty of the:

Officers are expected to attend all meetings or notify another officer in the event of absence. If the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice-President shall assume the office of President.

                         A.        PRESIDENT - to preside at all meetings; to appoint a  Membership Secretary,  to appoint all  special committees,  and to perform all other duties pertaining to the office.

                        B.        VICE-PRESIDENT - to preside at all meetings in the absence of the President, chair the Program Committee, and assist the President with any club responsibilities.

                         C.        SECRETARY - to keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings, and to read such record at subsequent meetings for the approval of the membership, and to furnish such copies of the record as may be required. The secretary shall keep a copy of the By-laws in the records.

                        D.        TREASURER - to receive all monies and deposit same in bank; disburse all monies as authorized by the membership; maintain accurate books; account for all receipts and disbursements; present a report of finance at each meeting.

                                    APPOINTED OFFICER

                         F.         MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY - will maintain a roster of active members, and collect dues and serve as assistant secretary in the absence of the Secretary.


                         A.        REGULAR MEETINGS shall be held once a month.

                         B.        SPECIAL MEETINGS may be called at the discretion of the President and only the business for which the special meeting was called may be transacted at such meeting. Due notice shall be given to all members.

ARTICLE III                        QUORUM:

Three (3) of the elected officers and five (5) or more members shall constitute a quorum.

 ARTICLE IV                        ELECTIONS:

                        A.        If there are more than 25 members of the Civic Club, the president shall appoint a nominating committee. If there are 25 or less members, there shall be no nominating committee and nominations shall be made from the floor by any member or officer. All nominees shall agree to accept nomination to the respective office.

                         B.        The election of officers shall be held at the regular meeting in November in all odd-numbered years. Officers shall serve for two (2) years. There shall be no term limits for officers.  The term for each elected officer shall begin at the regular meeting the following January.

                         C.        To qualify to be an officer for the regular election, 1) a person must be current on dues; and 2) must be active and participating. Participating is defined as having attended at least six meetings within the prior 12 months or 9 meetings within the prior 24 months.

                         D.        To be elected there must be a quorum of members attending and the person must be elected by a majority of the attending members. The nominee must be present at the voting meeting to be elected.

                         E.         To vote a member must be current on dues and have attended at least two other meetings in the last 12 months.


The President has the right to call a special election after a vacancy occurs. The President may appoint any member who has attended at least three meetings in the last 12 months. Nominations will also be welcomed from the floor. The election shall take place at the meeting following the meeting where the nominations occurred.


Any misuse of power or position shall be grounds for removal of an officer.  If an officer is absent for more than three times in a calendar year that shall be grounds for removal.


The President may appoint special committees to serve during his / her term of office.

 ARTICLE VI                        DUES:

                         A.        Dues shall be twenty five dollars ($25.00) annually per member to be paid in full in January or at the first meeting the member attends in the calendar year. For new members dues are due within 30 days of joining the Club.

                         B.        Members of age 62 and older qualify for dues of twelve dollars ($12.00) annually.

                         C.        Commercial dues rate for membership in the West End Civic Club for companies and businesses having their offices, factories, or places of business within the boundaries of the West End Civic Club shall be $50 per year. The owner of the business has the right to vote on all elections if he or she also meets the above requirements.

 ARTICLE IX                        BENEVOLENCE:

At each meeting members shall have the opportunity to report on other members they know are suffering an illness or loss. The treasury can be used to remember any member/s for one hospital stay per year with a plant costing up to $20 or memorial flowers for a decease member costing up to $50.


The use of personal funds by members to purchase items for scheduled events in the community must be approved prior to purchase, by the Board or the Civic Club.

 ARTICLE XI                        AMENDMENTS:

These By-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the association by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members present, providing notice of the proposed amendment was presented at the previous meeting.